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Nederlands Alive helps to make your company social responsible

What does Alive offer?

Alive advises you in Corporate Social Responsibility

Western companies dedicate themselves more and more to others in the world, beside(s) their own objectives. What can your company do for the human rights situation in the world? What is your view on child labour, HIV / AIDS and gender relations? And can you do something against poverty in the world?

We like to advise you in this. What is more, Alive seeks what fits your company best and how it can make the world and your company a better place.

Alive gives you the opportunity to adopt your own project

Imagine: by your craftsmanship people in third world countries can develop themselves. You not only contribute to their life support, but you also give them a future by providing work and means to build a good living themselves. This sounds great, but who is going to manage all this for you? You already have to spend a lot of time in your own business! That is why Alive wants to manage this for you. We have the means, the people and the experience.

Alive takes care of the communication between you and the project

You can have questions about developments of the project or about any other thing. Still, communicating with other cultures can be surprisingly different than what you are used to. Further more, it can take a lot of time. That is why we will do this for you with our contacts in and experience with non-western countries.

Alive keeps you and your employees informed about the development

You have adopted a project and this gives you the full right to stay informed. We inform you about developments, results and successes. In this way you and your employees will remain involved with the project. It creates a positive understanding and your employees will know why your company wants to support this project.

Alive takes care of a beautiful website about your project

Your customers like to see that you act social responsible and when, by clicking one button, they get a positive impression about your project, it will trigger them. You get a personal page with us, which can be easily linked to from your own website. On this page your employees and customers can see; the progress, the goals and the obtained results.